It is hard to put into words what Randy and Above the Rest Training did for my athletic career.  When I first worked out with Randy, I had a good work ethic however he pushed me so much further than anyone had ever pushed me before.  Everything you do with Randy is with the purpose of becoming a better athlete physically and mentally.  Randy is excellent at taking weaknesses someone has athletically and finding ways to improve upon them.  When I trained with Randy the focus was always to improve on things that I was not good at as opposed to the things I already did well.  I believe my best gains working with Randy were in my explosiveness.  Due to the training program he put together for me, I hit people on the football field much harder and with more authority.  My ability to run to the football improved tremendously while training with Randy.  The last year I trained with Randy I came back in the summer from school having just had hip surgery to repair a torn labrum a month earlier.  The doctors told me it was a six month recover period.  I trained with Randy for 12 weeks and was back to full speed and was cleared to resume full contact for camp in August of my senior year at Duquesne University.  My main concern was to make sure I could play through the entire season in one piece.  I not only made it through the season injury free, I set Duquesne University’s single season sack record with 12.5 and finished second in 1AA in sacks and average sacks (1.25) per game.  I was the 2004 MAAC defensive player of the year for the conference, 2004 Don Hansen 1AA mid-major defensive lineman of the year, 2004 Sports network 1AA all American, and AFCA 1AA all American.  I can honestly say that nobody had a bigger impact on my collegiate athletic career than Randy Horton and Above the Rest Training.  I am now the Defensive line and Strength and Conditioning Coach for Duquesne University.  I now use many of the workouts and principles that I learned at Above the Rest Training with my players.  The most important things I learned at Above the Rest Training, is the work ethic it takes if you truly want to be successful.  Randy is a great motivator and he gets the most out of his athletes.  The work ethic that I developed at Above the Rest will be transferable to not just sports but everything that I do in my life.

Ryan Tolan
Duquesne University 2003-2004


Randy Horton of Above the Rest Training takes the meaning of “Above the Rest” to a whole new level.  He will push you to your breaking point and pass it.  The thing is his training is very calculated and precise considering whatever needs you may have.  On the day of my NFL Pro Day, he had me primed to do things that I didn’t know my body could do (4.38 40, vertical jump 40 inches and long-jump 10 feet, 8 inches).  If you are willing to work and listen, you, like me, will be in the best shape mentally and physically – more explosive and stronger than ever before.  I have developed a great relationship with Randy.  He knows just how to get you right.  So if you want to be the rest, I highly recommend that you come to Above the Rest Training.

Matt Ware
UCLA 2001-2003, Philadelphia Eagles 2004 to present
(NFC Champs 2004, Super Bowl XXXIX)


Working with Randy Horton and Above the Rest Training is an experience and the opportunity of a lifetime.  If you have the trust, work ethic, and time, he will mold your body to reach its maximum potential.  I started training with Randy before my sophomore season of junior college.  His training regimen helped me land more than 16 football scholarship offers from Division 1A colleges around the country.  In my opinion, Randy Horton is the best trainer in the business right now.  He helps you fill in all the gaps that you are missing in your particular sport.  He pays specific attention to each athlete as they train.  Further than training, his passion to see others succeed is what makes training with Above the Rest the ultimate experience.  If you are looking for a personal trainer with knowledge, passion and professionalism to help you succeed, look no further than Randy Horton and Above the Rest Training.

Scott Mitchell
University of Kentucky, 2004-2005


Being one of the top safeties in high school football, I needed to find a trainer that could get me ready for the collegiate level.  I compared every local and private gym you could think of.  The same problem kept occurring, either too expensive or not the all-around training that I needed to succeed.  I was referred to Above the Rest Training by a fellow teammate.  When I went to the training facility it had everything I needed.  The workout was one of the most intense workouts I have ever had and was one-on-one so I could get the motivation I needed.  Also the gym was not too big to where you get distracted or had to wait to use equipment.  The best thing of all was the low incomparable price and the flexible appointment times.  The trainers at Above the Rest Training are all professionals.  Above the Rest Training is all around training you need to succeed in any sport.  Strength, speed, explosiveness, flexibility, change of direction, balance and confidence are just a few things that Above the Rest Training will develop.  Above the Rest Training is the best training I have ever had throughout my whole high school and college career.

Brett Lockett
New England Patriots, 2009


In the past year that I have been working with Coach Randy, I have improved and gotten stronger in multiple areas. When I first started with him I could barely touch the net on a basketball court and now since we’ve been working hard  on the hill, I am now almost touching the backboard. He has made me faster, and helped build up my overall strength in my legs, arms, and quad area etc.

Amare Cambell 14
(Freshman) Basketball | Etiwanda High School


My name is Micah Gardner; I am a 2020 high school graduate and I will be attending, and playing Football at Dixie State University in the fall of 2020. I began training with Coach Horton and ATRA in the beginning of January of this year. I have seen tremendous amount of results in my strength, speed, and endurance since working with Coach Horton. Before, my fastest 40 times was a 4.8, and in May I ran a 4.52. One thing, I love about the workouts is that even in a Group session, the group is small enough for you to still get personal instruction. Coach Randy Will make sure you focus on strengthening your weaknesses. Another important thing to me is that We are never just going through the motions. Everything we do from the warm-ups, to the drills, is done with a purpose, and can be explained how it’ll translate onto the field or court. Lastly, ATRA is not just a workout group, we are a family. Coach Randy trains every athlete the same as he does his own kids. He sends me an encouraging text every morning attached with The day’s devotion, and has even opened his home to me despite me living an hour away. People ask me all the time if it’s worth the drive and without hesitation I tell them yes because not only am I seeing results, but I get to be a part of a great big family with Above The Rest Academy.

Micah Gardner
Dixie State University


I really enjoyed working with Randy, as a division 1 athlete I need to train at a high level and focus on certain aspects to excel in my sport and Randy does a really good job of providing a game plan to achieve that. Randy is a great trainer who has a lot of knowledge and provides a lot of feedback as well to get better. Thank you Randy! 

Luci Albertson
Volleyball | Fairfield University


I have been working with Coach Randy since my senior year of High School. He has always pushed me to be the best athlete I needed to be for my team. Going from high school to a division 1 program, needing to train at a high level Randy is the guy you need to go to.  He provides great feedback to help you achieve what you need. Thanks Randy!

Joelle Battle
Volleyball | Fairfield University


I have been working off seasons with Coach Horton for over 4 years now. I can say that as an athlete I have grown to be a very strong hard worker. Since day 1 I knew I was with the right trainer/founder of Above the Rest Academy. Coach Horton could point out my weaknesses and correct my mistakes within 5 min of my workout. I knew that working with him I would build the strength and agility I needed to perform at the next level, and he has built that within me. Growing up the oldest of a single mother of 4, I have grown to see Coach Horton as a mentor /father figure. He does not just care about my athleticism; he genuinely cares about me as a person becoming a man. Working with coach Horton in my off season going into Chaffey College I have performed my best seasons, gaining first team All-Conference, First Team All-State, Top 25 Wide Receiver in the country, #1 in the State of California, receiving 75 receptions, 1600 yards and 23 touchdowns in two seasons while gaining multiple Division 1 scholarships. Above the Rest Academy will not only get you in shape and stronger he will make sure you are strong for the exact sport you play. I now attend Liberty University, #11 on the Football team of a Division 1 school where I could not be happier. I have noticed along with other people’s opinions a big difference in my next season, I was mentally ready and properly prepared and in my best shape. Bigger and faster than my opponent that came upon me. People often asked me what I do during off season and how I have gotten so fast and I responded with the same response as always “I’ve been staying on my grind with Coach Horton and working at my best because I am always going to push to be Above the Rest” I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable, educated, Olympic certified, sports performance expert like coach Horton and will be calling him to prepare me for my pro day. Thank you, Coach Randy!

Jaivian Lofton
Football | Liberty University


We have thoroughly enjoyed training with Above the Rest and have recommended it to our friends for their athlete’s training as well. Coach Randy not only brings an extensive amount of knowledge and experience but his heart is completely invested in making athletes the best that they can be. Since training with Coach our oldest has improved his 40 time to a 4.5, been ranked a 3 star by 247 and become an even better overall athlete. He is currently being recruited by several schools from coast to coast, From Fresno State, Yale, to San Diego State and more and also received his first Division 1 offer from Houston Baptist. We are grateful for his training, character and also his huge heart for the athletes he works with.

Karim & Lynsey Mikhail
Parents | Kalim Mikhail